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Cook Healthy Eat Fresh (CHEF) is a culinary education program designed to empower low income families to make healthy eating choices by educating children and their families about nutrition, agriculture, cuisine diversity, basic culinary skill, and dining etiquette through practical and interactive lessons about healthful eating.


According to research conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture, on a daily basis:  less than 15% of school children eat the recommended servings of fruit, less than 20% eat the recommended servings of vegetables, about 25% eat the recommended servings of grains while only 16% of school children meet the guideline for saturated fat.  

The C.H.E.F Vision

To empower youth to know the source of where their food originates and having confidence in their culinary skill set to educate, share, and grow in the culinary/hospitality industry.

CHEF is designed to educate youth, ages 7-14, about agriculture, healthy cooking, nutritional needs, dining etiquette, culinary tours, global cuisine education, and entrepreneurship. 

CHEF will provide youth with the knowledge and ability to learn, through hands-on activities and food preparation, how simple it is to create a healthy meal.


CHEF offer accessible nutritional information to children and their families, empowering them to make sensible, healthy food choices.


CHEF will partner with farmers, vendors, and business owners in the local community.

Empowering children and young adults  from all backgrounds to eat and live sustainably by teaching them how to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families.

Our Mission


Chef Kimberly VanKline, Founder & Executive Director

Founded by Celebrity Chef Kimberly VanKline, Cook Healthy Eat Fresh brings together Chef Kimberly’s unique style and innovative use of elements from all culinary disciplines: the attention to detail, fresh, quality ingredients, and sophistication of haute cuisine, with the relaxed richness, complexity and intense flavors of her Harlem roots with her love for children and the desire to see families gather around meals that not only nourish the body but the soul.


Chef Kimberly VanKline was born at the crossroads of haute cuisine and comfort food. Her grandmother, a product of the Harlem Renaissance and a well-traveled, classically-trained chef, saw talent in the young Van Kline, and taught her both Continental/French cuisine, as well as traditional Southern cooking from a very young age. By the time Chef VanKline launched her catering company, “Passion for the Palate”, in 2009 she had been cooking and perfecting recipes for more than 30 years. She currently serves on the Advisory Board for Virginia State University's Hospitality Management Programs Advisory Board.

Through Cook Healthy Eat Fresh, Chef Kimberly looks forward to providing opportunities for children to study, prepare, and taste a wide variety of locally grown and naturally healthy foods.


Henry Dudley, President

As a successful Chef and Hospitality Executive with over twenty years of experience, Henry Dudley brings the highest level of professionalism in successful restaurant operations, complemented with his signature style and a casual elegance that exemplifies both NYC Sophistication and Warm Southern hospitality. In 2013, Dudley’s ambitious nature led him to establish Dudley Hospitality Group, a full-service restaurant consulting firm, where he served as a Chef and Principal Consultant for clientele in New York and Washington, D.C.-notable clients included: Arthur and Gaby Sulzsberger (Publisher of New York Times); Woody Johnson (Owner of the New Jets); The Commissioner Club at Met Life Stadium, where he designed many of the seasonal menus for the team’s exclusive events. Dudley went on to serve as Executive Chef at TAP Sports Bar, a high-energy restaurant and bar concept at MGM National Harbor, the Capital Region’s newest luxury resort. This new opportunity further allowed Dudley to place his entrepreneurial and innovative spirit at the forefront to elevate the traditional sports bar experience. Dudley is a Proud Alum of Virginia State University, Class of 1995, B.A., Economics and currently serves on VSU’s Hospitality Management Programs Advisory Board. And, in 2017, Dudley’s life came full circle, when he became Executive Chef/Co-Owner of City Table at the Farmers Market in Historic Old Towne, Petersburg, Virginia.

Rhonda Brown, Treasurer

Rhonda Brown is currently Director of Finance of Man Up! Inc. at 501c3 not for profit in East New York, Brooklyn. She is a graduate of Bernard Baruch College. Her firm R&B Accounting Services has been in business for over 20 years and is listed on the IRS website as program participant for their Annual Filing Season Program. After graduation Rhonda proceeded to work for Fortune 500 companies (Simon & Schuster,Colgate, PaineWebber) until her passion to help community based organizations outweighed the financial gains of Corporate America. R&B Accounting Services assists business with creating entities, tax preparation, payroll and implementation of accounting software.