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CHEF offers programming for children, ages 8-13, and tailors the curriculum to the specific age (in groups of 8-10 and 11-13) of the students. Most lessons last 2 hours and include a presentation, whole-class and individual activities, and a tasting component. Classes meet once a week for six weeks. Students experience fresh local produce, tasty and healthy treats, and actual cooking right in their classroom.


Our curriculum is tailored to the region and season and work together to get students thinking about the source of their food and introduce them to the pleasures of eating locally grown food and healthy alternatives to traditional snacks. Ultimately, CHEF increase students’ awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of healthy eating. Our program exposes students to a variety of positive food choices while honoring the individual choice and preference of each child.

The CHEF program revolves around three pillars:



Students use interactive tools to decipher advertisements and food labels in order to make informed decisions about their eating.


Our students discover healthy snacks, natural flavors, and good fats as alternatives to highly-processed foods. Through discussions and activities, they practice making healthy choices to last a lifetime.



Our instructors work one on one with students to create dishes, engaging children in the preparation and the processing of food.

Students learn new cooking techniques and discover the joys of hands-on, healthy cooking.



Students experience new foods and old favorites through taste, touch and sight and are astounded with wonderfully tasting food and snacks that they can prepare with ease.

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CHEF gives kids the opportunity to learn about agriculture, healthy cooking, nutritional needs, dining etiquette, culinary tours, global cuisine education, and entrepreneurship. Host a CHEF class in your restaurant, church, school, or community center.

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